Stop Motion Animation at the Bottling Plant

This is my first attempt at stop motion animation and my equipment probably wasn’t as steady as it should have been but I’m pretty happy with the result. Just over 108 frames for the footage which is rather serendipitous because i had just bottled 108 bottles.

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First Samples have shipped

Some lucky people have got samples on the way, can’t wait to hear that they arrived safely and even more excited about feedback. Email us at info at if you would like a sample and sign up on the email list if you want to hear when we start selling/shipping.

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Other Fermented Super Foods – Cod Liver Oil

Everyone has heard of the benefits of Cod Liver Oil or CLO in circles that know. What most people don’t realise is that the majority of CLO sold today is mechanically extracted oil and nothing like the original CLO that gained the reputation of a super food. The difference is the the original CLO was made from fermenting cod livers which created a much more complex vitamin, enzyme and probiotic mix. Apparently traditionally fermented cod liver oil can help heal cavities in your teeth by re-mineralizing them.

One of the only companies making it the traditional way is the Green Pasture company in the US. The product is costly but when you consider that this is derived from a year long ferment that it will be well worth the money.

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 13.32.39

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Skyn Tea is Coming Soon, Try This In The Meantime

Kombucha is an amazing ingredient that you should start looking out for in new products. The body balanced mix that the clever yeasties and friendly bacteria is nothing short of a miracle and is supported by the science. You only have to look up a few of the compounds that kombucha contains to understand how incredibly effective it is as an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and as a nourishing cell fuel. So while you’re waiting for Skyn Tea try out some of these other products:

Juara, a natural line inspired by Indonesian beauty rituals and ingredients, has long used the fermented sweet black tea as an anti-aging ingredient in its skin-care products like the Juara Sweet Black Tea Eye Cream. It tightens skin and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, say the founders, who also brew their own ‘buch. (It’s not used for the products, however. Just guzzled by them.)

Marie Veronique Organics, a seriously lovely apothecary-style skin-care line, uses kombucha extract in many of its anti-aging products like the Moisture Serum. That’s because kombucha may help boost the skin’s hyaluronic acid levels. (Hyaluronic acid plays a role in skin hydration and plumpness.) So kombucha helps keeps skin smooth and healthy looking.

Emergin C, a spa brand that kicked off with a focus on vitamin C, now favors kombucha as a key ingredient. The health tonic appears in EmerginC Scientific Organics Kombucha Cleanser, part of the new Scientifics Organics range that includes smoothie-worthy ingredients like spirulina and goji berry.

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Biomic Biodome

The idea of creating a biodome from the cellulose bi-product of making a skin care product must seem quite unintuitive and possibly fanciful. It is an area that is well worth researching though and could provide lightweight, strong, non-polluting structures that could be used for production of food crops or as shelters for people. The cellulose produced during kombucha fermentation is already being used to create wound dressings, contact lenses and even clothing (see Susan Lee’s TED talk on growing your own clothes and related blog post on Ars Biologica).


Considering that panels for structures can be grown into specific shapes that could form individual panels in these structures it is almost possible to visualise some of the concepts developed by Bucky Fuller, the inventor/discoverer of geodesic domes.

Buckminster Fuller and his architecture partner Shoji Sadao mocked up this photo of a photocollage, Project for Floating Cloud Structures (Cloud Nine) , around 1960. Cloud Nines are self-contained communities of several thousand people living inside enclosed geodesic spheres a mile wide, which float over the earth’s surface.

Because the geodesic structure increases in strength as it gets bigger, and its surface increases at a power of two, while its volume increases at a power of three, Fuller hypothesized that heating the interior air even one degree will set the Cloud Nines aloft.


Fanciful, it seems again, but looking at some of the objective scientific literature about bacterial cellulose it seems that BC (bacterial cellulose) could be an ideal material for such sci-fi futures. Maybe Bucky’s idea of floating cities is too far fetched, but how about ground based hydroponic farms under large, transparent cellulose domes.

These quotes are borrowed from a June 26th presentation titled “Bacterial Cellulose Composites Opportunities and Challenges” from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Applied Materials Science Group.

  • Bacterial Cellulose—an attractive engineering material:
    • High Modulus (~100 GPa), High Strength (~2 GPa)
    • Low LCTE: (~1 x 10-7 K-1), High Aspect Ratio (~50)
    • Nano-sized: Interesting Optical & Barrier Properties
  • Bacterial Cellulose—a unique cellulosic material Inherent Purity:
    • free of hemicellulose, lignin, pectin, wax Moldable in cultivation, May be produced directly as coating
    • Natural network structure, High Crystallinity: ~85%, High DP
    • High Carbon-to-Cellulose Conversion Efficiency

What do you think? Would you like to see a prototype dome in the next year or so?

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Introducing Skyn Tea

SkynTea™ has been in development for over two years now and the first products are very close to being ready to ship. The green tea has been fermented for 3 months and infused with chamomile and lavender flowers, both of which have beneficial properties for the skin. SkynTea contains powerful anti-oxidants, enzymes and probiotics that balance your skins natural biome. SkynTea contains B1, B2, B3, B5, B12, short chain fatty acids and numerous anti-oxidants and detoxifiers. SkynTea eliminates breakouts by balancing your skins natural biome while gently eliminating toxins including heavy metals and inorganic oxidants. SkynTea effectively protects and nourishes cells keeping them healthier, more elastic and less stressed. Use once a day for 7 days to provide a noticeable difference in your skin that lasts for weeks.

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Introducing Biomic

biomic Biomic is a name derived from the word “Biome” which is a collective term for the body’s eco-system. Your body contains about 10 trillion cells and only 1 trillion of those are human, the other 9 trillion are bacteria that live with you and do a lot of work that your cells can not. These friendly bacteria help with many activities in your body including digestion, enzyme production, vitamin production and other critical functions. Our products at Biomic are designed to support your natural biome keeping you healthy and helping you live a vibrant life.

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