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Stop Motion Animation at the Bottling Plant

This is my first attempt at stop motion animation and my equipment probably wasn’t as steady as it should have been but I’m pretty happy with the result. Just over 108 frames for the footage which is rather serendipitous because i had just bottled 108 bottles.

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First Samples have shipped

Some lucky people have got samples on the way, can’t wait to hear that they arrived safely and even more excited about feedback. Email us at info at if you would like a sample and sign up on the email list if you want to hear when we start selling/shipping.

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Other Fermented Super Foods – Cod Liver Oil

Everyone has heard of the benefits of Cod Liver Oil or CLO in circles that know. What most people don’t realise is that the majority of CLO sold today is mechanically extracted oil and nothing like the original CLO that gained the reputation of a super food. The difference is the the original CLO was [...]

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Skyn Tea is Coming Soon, Try This In The Meantime

Kombucha is an amazing ingredient that you should start looking out for in new products. The body balanced mix that the clever yeasties and friendly bacteria is nothing short of a miracle and is supported by the science. You only have to look up a few of the compounds that kombucha contains to understand how [...]

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Biomic Biodome

The idea of creating a biodome from the cellulose bi-product of making a skin care product must seem quite unintuitive and possibly fanciful. It is an area that is well worth researching though and could provide lightweight, strong, non-polluting structures that could be used for production of food crops or as shelters for people. The [...]

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