Skyn Tea is Coming Soon, Try This In The Meantime

Kombucha is an amazing ingredient that you should start looking out for in new products. The body balanced mix that the clever yeasties and friendly bacteria is nothing short of a miracle and is supported by the science. You only have to look up a few of the compounds that kombucha contains to understand how incredibly effective it is as an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and as a nourishing cell fuel. So while you’re waiting for Skyn Tea try out some of these other products:

Juara, a natural line inspired by Indonesian beauty rituals and ingredients, has long used the fermented sweet black tea as an anti-aging ingredient in its skin-care products like the Juara Sweet Black Tea Eye Cream. It tightens skin and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, say the founders, who also brew their own ‘buch. (It’s not used for the products, however. Just guzzled by them.)

Marie Veronique Organics, a seriously lovely apothecary-style skin-care line, uses kombucha extract in many of its anti-aging products like the Moisture Serum. That’s because kombucha may help boost the skin’s hyaluronic acid levels. (Hyaluronic acid plays a role in skin hydration and plumpness.) So kombucha helps keeps skin smooth and healthy looking.

Emergin C, a spa brand that kicked off with a focus on vitamin C, now favors kombucha as a key ingredient. The health tonic appears in EmerginC Scientific Organics Kombucha Cleanser, part of the new Scientifics Organics range that includes smoothie-worthy ingredients like spirulina and goji berry.

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